Sunday, August 19, 2012

Peanut Wisdom - The Gift of Friendship

Hello dear friends. There are few treasures in this world that can compare to friendship. It is a fundamental truth I have known my entire life, but recently, I was reminded about it when I received a very special package from a very special friend.

It all started a few weeks ago when I bid on my dear friend Jiff's picture that was up for auction on an animal rescue site. The picture he had posted was one of my favorites. The money was going to a great cause so my mommy helped me put a bid in. And guess what? I won! I was so excited. I received notice the picture was on its way, but little did I know, my friend had sent me something extra special. When the mailman delivered an entire box and I discovered it was from Jiff, I did a big happy dance in celebration!

There were all kinds of goodies in the box! There were 2 beautiful pictures of my dear friend Jiff...

Including the pawtographed one which was my all time favorite that I won in the auction....

There were also lots of fun toys and nummy treats too that made my mouth water. Delicious!

There were so many fun things to play with, I had a hard time deciding which one was my favorite. I explored every inch of the wonderful gift box, thanking God for my sweet friend and the wonderful surprise he sent me.

Then I found the squeaky pig, and I knew I had the best friend EVER! After all who doesn't like a squeaky pig?

Of course, a warning for those of you who find yourself in the presence of a squeaky pig. They have been known to trigger odd, often scary fits of uncontrollable playfulness followed by unexplained memory loss when the fit is over. This could just be an urban legend, but I am not so sure....

Now, where was I? Shoot, I forgot what I was talking about. Well, at any rate, there was so much in my beautiful box, I decided to share.

There was way too much for just one little pup, so I brought the box out and let my puppy and kitty brothers and sisters enjoy the bounty as well.

It was a night to remember! We played games, we squeeked toy, we ate lots of treats together, all in honor of my dear friend Jiff. I won't tell you how many treats I feasted upon that evening, but I left narry a crumb to give me away.

In the end, the best gift was the gift of friendship....and the beautiful reminder that I was loved by my friend. Knowing that fact was better than all the toys, squeaky pigs or nummy banana treats the world could make.

Thank you Jiff for being so wonderful, but thank you most of all for making me feel special and for reminding me that friendship, above all other things, is the greatest gift of all.